PAPILON - Homemade jam from papaya and watermelon

Actually this was a task given for “fruit and vegetable technology” class. We, students, have to make our own homemade jam on our own creativity else than commercial one. The principal of making jam is actually pretty easy and everyone could make it themselves. The recipe is also quite easy to remember. You only have to let pectin from fruits reacts to sugar by the addition of acid in heated condition. The recipe is kinda simple, though.

What to prepare:

1. Any kind of fruits you wanted to blend. It’s recommended to have one with high pectin (in this PAPILON it was papaya) and one with strong flavor (it supposed to be watermelon, but it wasn’t strong enough in the end). I used 100g of papaya and 100g of watermelon for one small jar.

2. Sugar. The amount depends on how sweet you want for your jam. In this case I used 1:1 ratio with the fruits (200g).

3. Small amount of water. It helps you to crush the fruits on blender. The less you use, the shorter time it takes to remove the water on cooking part.

4. Small amount of citric acid (or lemon extract) to make it acidic and gelling the fruits puree. I put 1/2 teaspoon on the mixture.

How to make the jam:

1. Make a puree of your fruit mixture.

2. Put them on stove and cook with medium heat and steer it slowly.

3. While waiting till the mixture boiled, put the sugar into the mixture and stir evenly.

4. Last, put the citric acid and stir slowly until the mixture comes up in gel texture, that means your jam is almost done.

5. Keep stiring until the water almost dried out. You don’t really have to perfectly dry the water or your jam will get too sticky and not spreadable.Turn the stove off and wait till your jam temperature decreasing and put them in a jar.

Easy, isn’t it? Try yours!

Three meals I made a few days ago at home. No need to look at recipe books, just do some trials and VOILAAA!! My sist said it was excellent so you might wanna try it as well. I’ll post the recipe for you, but because I made it based on trials, so maybe I don’t have any exact amount of spices to use in every dishes. Hahaha..

“ Never judge a food the first time you eat it. For some people it might be as bad as hell, yet for another it could be their daily food, a tradition and sometimes sacred. Never think from it’s negative side ”

—    Matatita, as said on Travel Writing workshop held by Mapagama UGM on December 5, 2013.

I really lost my mind to think if this video is somekind of joke or what. Aside from it’s content, I should clear the statement in that video that Brunei, is actually not a part of Indonesia. We are two different countries. It’s as fool as the statement of Bali is a country. Haha..Sorry, but I really should fix their mistake.

The second is, quoting from Matatita (Indonesian travel writer), more or less, “Never judge a food the first time you eat it. For some people it might be as bad as hell, yet for another it could be their daily food, a tradition and sometimes sacred. Never think from it’s negative side”. And I’m sitting here, watching the video while enjoying a glass of tasty durian juice.

Not all contents in this video is true, so more research upon durian is recommended instead of watching this only. Or maybe those guys are intentionally did that for entertainment, who knows.. #FYH

There’s this new korean restaurant in Yogyakarta located in Jl. Colombo. I tried it last night with some of my friends and order bi bim bap with bulgogi inside (40k) + kimchi (8k) + orang juice (12k). Kimchi is korean traditional side dish contains of fermented napa cabbage, has spicy and sour taste. Since people said that Korean can’t live a day without it, I challenge myself to order one but sadly I don’t like the taste at all. I love the bi bim bab more. It contains of rice, bulgogi (Korean sliced beef), nori (dried seaweed), vegetables and mushroom with egg and oyster sauce. In order to enjoy the food, it has to be mixed properly and should not be remain unmixed too long unless you want to have hard overcooked rice since they are served in a hotpot (this is actually what happened to mine last night).

For all K-Pop lovers, why don’t you try your idol’s daily meal? I could recommend Michigo for you to start since they are a bit closer to the real Korean food taste compared to any other local Korean restaurant, and you surely worth to spent the money on regarding the taste and portion. Michigo also has applied modern technology for the services but unfortunately, they took too much time to prepare the orders eventhough it’s not on peak time. For those qualities last night, I gave 3 stars upon them.

Basically, I like tasteful foods, so kimchi is officially out of my list. Haha.. Does anyone else have other opinions or experiences upon Korean food? Feel free to share it through the message inbox :)